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Shovel Handle Making Machine For Sale


Date : 2017-12-19

For the shovel handle making machine,our company has won the approval of our customers, our technology and good quality and honest after-sales service support and trust. We will adhere to our reputation and send our customers to the highest station. At the same time, we will make more efforts to use the best products to produce.

Shovel Handle Making Machine for straight or slightly curved diameter, diameter range from 12 to 56 mm;The Shovel Handle making machine uses three adjustable knife, through the cam (clamp) system, change the diameter during work, can change the diameter.The Shovel Handle making  machine is particularly suitable for the production of straight, curved, shaped woodworking agricultural implements such as shovel handles, hoe handles, fork handles, harrow treatments and the like, as well as sports equipment components, accessories, furniture and chair canes or umbrellas.

Our service for the Shovel Handle making machine :
1: our own quality control personnel strictly check the quality before delivery to our customers.
2. detailed introduction allows you to understand and let you operate all the machines easily.
3. if you need a professional engineer to go to your factory to install the machine for you until it works well
If the machine has a problem, we promise to solve it in 24 hours.