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Cost Of Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine


Date : 2017-11-28

The cocoa peeling machine has two main functions: one is to remove the red paint from the peanut, and the other is to separate the peanuts into two halves. Stainless steel, 200 kg/h. Simple operation. Stripping and separation rate is over 98%. Peanut processors are special devices that crush peanuts into two places. High degree of automation, high crushing rate, low noise and no pollution. This function is a combination of peeling, peeling, germination and classification. The machine is equipped with dust collector and vibrating screen. Dust collecting dust can absorb the red skin of peanut, and the vibrating screen can effectively remove the peanut buds, thus separating into the ideal two layers of peanut. The beginning of this line is to roast the groundnut kernel with the red skin, and through the elevator conveyor, the peanut enters the feeding machine and distributes the three tubes equally. And peanut automatically fall bleaching room by two sand roller, lower roller friction and rotating function, red skin away, then the light red skin suction fan, collected by the first cyclone system, finally to bleach white peanut fall choose conveyor.
It has been used in peanut food processing, such as cake, bread, biscuit, candy, etc., professional peanut half cutting machine, easy to operate, automatic processing, save time and power, save electricity.
cocoa peeling machine