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Garlic Harvesting Machine With Best Price


Date : 2018-02-02

The garlic harvesting machine  also suitable for root crops such as sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, and so on.
This machine is composed of seeding equipment, wheel, shovel, conveyor chain, mesh sorting etc., from sowing to cut a sorting.
In addition, it is designed by intermediate transmission or left transmission, so this machine can be driven by different PTO tractors.
Competitive price of potato / peanut / garlic harvester
1. excellent performance, good appearance, best quality
2. high efficiency and low breakage rate
3. light, quick, no vibration, no card resistance
4. simple structure and long service life

Introduce of garlic harvest machine:
Can harvest cropgrowing strong garlic, weeds.
Leaf structure 2. fission unique, greatly saves the power of the tractor
3. before harvest of artificial dug 3-5 meters, the damage rate is almost zero With 30-45 power tractor.
5. suitable for sandy land, semi sticky, garlic harvest (hardening)
6. by the international rubber casting wheel and supporting conveyor belt drive.