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How To Improve The Appearance Gloss And Prevent The Loss Of Light?


Date : 2017-11-17

China has been making wooden pencil for nearly 80 years. The annual output of pencils is the largest in the world, and it is a real pencil-maker. But the quality of the pencil is in the middle of the world, especially the appearance of the pencil (coating and appearance of coating) is still a big gap compared with the developed countries in foreign countries. Relative international famous brand pencil appearance the zither light shine, seemingly plastic coating, the pencil appearance luster and fullness to fair in the short term, but a few months after the loss of light, a pencil is no longer the original appearance bright and full. In order to improve the luster and fullness of the appearance of the wooden rod pencil, the author discussed the method of solving the above problems from the pencil coating.
1. Sealing paint
Wood contains a certain amount of water, which can absorb and evaporate as the environment changes. Although the wood of the wooden pole has been treated with denatured treatment and the rod surface coating, the wood's ability to spit moisture has not disappeared. Pencils made by pencil must be coated with paint for a certain amount of time, otherwise it will have a quality problem. Although pencil coating paint, due to the current pencil primer (closed imprecise formulation and materials), as the water breathing, wood fiber contraction, the surface crack, paint film with aperture subsidence and subsidence, paint film surface subsidence after lead to uneven. Therefore, the appearance of the luster decline, the fullness decline, so choose a kind of molecular weight large, the shrinkage rate is small, the closure is good and the anti-water permeation is better resin. This prevents the luster and fullness of the wood pencil from decreasing.
2. The primer
Primers are generally more amount of filling material of paint, the role of it, on the one hand, improve the fullness of the paint film, make the wooden part surface gap to fill, increase the thickness of the paint film on the other hand, improve the roughness of surface, reduce the number of paint. Primer of fillers also requires a certain standard of fineness, as fillers surface area reaches a certain value, so as to reduce shrinkage on the surface of the paint film after work, to ensure that the shaft surface roughness.
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